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Broad Spectrum Solutions 
  for all aspects of of your professional 
behavioral health practice

Consider the return on investment  When you examine the time commitment and costs of sourcing an in-house employee, payroll liabilities, training & continuing education, delayed/denied claims, errors/non compliance and general inefficient processes, the benefits of outsourcing support and administrative tasks becomes more apparent.   With Enlightened Solutions, LLC, you have immediate access to experts without the burden of in-house onboarding expenses and time commitments.  Enlightened Solutions consists of highly skilled and continually trained professionals with varying degrees of experience and qualifications for an array of behavioral health specific support.  Our dedicated team includes specialists that have combined decades of experience with various functions within a practice, behavioral health specific billing & credentialing, collections, EMR/EHR logistics, clearinghouse processes, CAQH, claims management, commercial & Medicaid insurance regulations & guidelines, authorizations, documentation compliance, revenue cycle management, small business operations and customer service. 

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