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One of the most uncomfortable parts of the billing process for behavioral health is client collections. When a client carries a balance, sometimes the provider can feel very anxious about discussing payment and enforcing payment policies when the client fails to pay. However, there needs to be a firm process in place so that your clients have a clear understanding that whatever they agree to pay for sessions is ultimately their responsibility. The financial policy that the provider has their clients sign should state that clearly so the clients are aware before they start receiving services.


Ideally, our collections process will ensure that within a two month period, your clients have either paid their debt in full, established a payment plan or have been transferred to formal collections in an attempt to collect the debt. This approach aims to keep your books clean and your client balances up to date.  Our collections specialists are trained to interact with your clients with the necessary empathy, sensitivity and understanding while adhering to the policies set forth in the financial agreement. The structure of this role  can be customized by provider preference.  Offering "All In" Comprehensive Collections coverage or  an auxiliary Third Party Collections representative for your practice. 

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