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Frequently Asked Questions

There is much to consider when exploring support services for your behavioral health practice.  In order to help you navigate the decision making process, here are some of the most frequently posed questions and  concerns that we encounter.

Consider the return on investment 
When you examine the time commitment and costs of sourcing an in-house employee, payroll liabilities, training & continuing education, delayed/denied claims, errors/non compliance and general inefficient processes, the benefits of outsourcing support and administrative tasks becomes more apparent.  

With Enlightened Solutions, LLC, you have immediate access to experts without the burden of in-house onboarding expenses and time commitments.  Enlightened Solutions consists of highly skilled and continually trained professionals with varying degrees of experience and qualifications for an array of behavioral health specific support.  Our dedicated team includes specialists that have combined decades of experience with various functions within a practice, behavioral health specific billing & credentialing, collections, EMR/EHR logistics, clearinghouse processes, CAQH, claims management, commercial & Medicaid insurance regulations & guidelines, authorizations, documentation compliance, revenue cycle management, small business operations and customer service. 

How does Enlightened Solutions outshine the competition? 

Enlightened Solutions, LLC does not practice percentage billing.  We have predictable hourly rates for each support role. There are no annual or monthly surprise fees or long term commitments.  We are small enough to provide personalized support, transparency and attention, yet mighty enough to manage revenue cycle management with the grit and tenacity it requires for practices large and small,  new or established. 

Our services are not limited to billing only.  Offering a vast array of necessary solutions for mental health practitioners, we can provide support for front office management, Human Resources, basic bookkeeping & reconciliations, internal auditing, credentialing, rate negotiations with insurance companies, one-on-one and team training,  documentation templates & policy creation, marketing ideas & logo design, and more!

I am in network with insurance now and am ready to start billing.  How do I prepare?

Please note that just because you file claims that are correctly billed, there is no guarantee you will get paid! There are many things that can hold up claims that are sometimes beyond our control, so you should plan ahead appropriately. Make sure you have enough money in your budget to pay for billing and also to have a cushion for if something happens with your claims.

What if I'm just getting started and don't know where to begin?

Enlightened Solutions LLC specializes in new Provider start up processes.  We will meet you where you're at in the initial steps of opening your Practice. From required documentation, EMR set up, getting onboarded with insurance companies and establishing policies and procedures within your organization. 

I'm already established, but it feels there's room for additional enhancements within my Practice.  Can Enlightened Solutions evaluate our current processes and flow to identify areas for growth and improvement?

Yes.  Enlightened Solutions LLC offers professional consulting services.  Our leadership provides expert consulting and guidance based on years of experience in all aspects of behavioral health practice processes.  We possess knowledge sourced from hundreds of clients and all types of scenarios and are happy to impart this insight to you.

I only need help with one task right now.  Can I attain more services later?

Yes! The great thing about the Enlightened Solutions approach is the customizable roles and service options.  You can add and drop services based on your needs, wether it be budgetary constraints, growth related volume increases, loss of staff, or unexpected matters that may pop up later down the road.  We are happy to adjust and pivot as you feel necessary. 

I'm not in Colorado, can you still help?

Yes! Enlightened Solutions, LLC can provide services for Providers in other States, besides Colorado. 

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