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Streamlined Support

For our clients and our clients' clients.  Need to connect directly with a representative from our team? You've come to the right place! Below are direct connections to our specialists, standing by to assist.  

Our team is hybrid in nature.  Some work directly for our clients/Providers (mental health practitioners/counselors) and some work for Enlightened Solutions (Company) and some have dual roles, assisting both our team and our clients. 


If you are a patient of a Provider and you were contacted about your account balance or a billing or claims matter, intake documentation or scheduling, please be sure to let your representative know which Practice in which you are seen, as well as the name of your individual Provider (your counselor).

We look forward to connecting with you!


Owner &

Director of Operations

  • New Provider Onboarding

  • Training

  • Consultation

  • Billing Manager 


Director of Credentialing & Operations Analyst

  • Credentialing for Providers

  • Auditing

  • Analysis & Reporting


Lead Administrative Coordinator 

  • New Patient Onboarding

  • Provider Administrator

  • Scheduling

  • Benefits & Eligibility


Collections Specialist

  • Client collections

  • Posting payments


Lead Billing Coordinator

  • ​Claim submissions

  • Appeals

  • Patient billing


Please note which billing representative contacted you on your account.  We have several members of our billing team and they each work for different practices. If you don't know your contact, please reach out to Erin..

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