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From our clients

Andrew R., Director, Boulder Emotional Wellness

"Boulder Emotional Wellness is a mid sized community clinic with around 30 therapists serving Colorado Medicaid members. With the advent of prior authorizations there was no way we could handle the additional paperwork and also the claims denials and credentialing.  We interviewed a dozen or so billing & credentialing outfits and Dani's team was the most informed about Colorado Medicaid. Since we started working with Enlightened Solutions LLC, our team is more relaxed and can focus on client care as we are reassured that denied claims will be chased down, prior authorization requests will be filed on time and credentialing is handled.  I highly recommend  Dani for any clinic experiencing growing pains."

Emily R, MA, LPC, LMFT, Owner, Aiding Therapy Services PLLC

"Since opening my practice in 2017 up until contracting Dani's services, I was doing all my own billing and credentialing. I managed well enough on my own but when I contracted with Dani, things were so much easier.  She's really communicative about what she's doing and has cleaned up my billing practices substantially.  I highly recommend working with Dani." 

Ariel F. MC, LPC, ACS, EMDR Certified, Northern Colorado Counseling, PLLC. 

"Dani and her team at Enlightened Solutions have been integral to running and growing my group practice. They are responsive, detail-oriented and most importantly, have given me back hours of my workweek, while providing me the assurance I need in order to let go of billing. As a therapist and business owner, my strengths lie elsewhere. I am grateful to the team at Enlightened Billing who make sure our team is reimbursed for all their hard work and allow us to focus on what we do best while they take care of the rest!"

Janet R., MSW, LCSW, Owner,
4 Winds 5 Elements Counseling & Healing Arts, PLLC.

"After muddling through the tangle of credentialing and insurance billing on my own for nearly a year, making significant and potentially costly mistakes along the way, I contracted with Dani and her amazing team at Enlightened Solutions. This was quite literally the best self-care decision I have made since opening my practice. The relief I felt at the time, and the continued trust and assurance that the Enlightened team has my best interests at heart allow me the freedom to do what I do well, and leave the rest up to the experts. The Enlightened Solutions commitment to excellent service is always evident in their responsiveness, flexibility, and the respect they show for my clients, and I never hesitate to refer colleagues. "

Leigh Devine, LCSW, Owner
Lotus of Life 

Dani is the best! My counseling practice wouldn't be anything without Dani and her team. Dani offered the kind of support I needed to get off the ground and establish a smooth running practice for years to come. I credit my ability to expand my practice here in Indiana to Dani and her team. Dani is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful with all the behind the scenes operations that allow a practice to thrive in the forefront. I highly recommend Enlightened Solutions!

Judy I., Director,Colorado Healing Collective PLLC

"Dani and the Enlightened Billing team have been an incredible resource to our psychotherapy practice. They have helped with everything from credentialing, keeping us Medicaid compliant, helping create forms, providing trainings for Simple Practice, billing, running compliance checks for our interns and answering our MANY questions along the way! The entire team our incredibly knowledgeable and quick to respond. We couldn't do what we are doing without Enlightened Solutions!"

Allison M.N, LCSW Owner,New Foundation Counseling

"My practice just had its first-year anniversary! I can truly say that we would not be where we are if it weren't for Dani and her team. Enlighted Billing Solutions helps the practice with credentialing, submitting claims, billing, insurance verification, special projects, etc. They lessen the workload for the therapists in the practice, so they can spend that time helping more people!

Thanks, Dani and team!"

SOMB Full Operating Treatment Provider & Evaluator
Enso Counseling, PLLC

I have been working with Dani and her team at Enlightened Billing since October 2022, and she has helped me grow from a private practice to a group practice, which I would not have been able to do without her. She is speedy with credentialing, problem-solving any hiccups with insurance companies, and communicating co-pays and billing information with clients. She is communicative and answers any questions within a timely manner, and she keeps me up to date about timelines with credentialing and payments. She has an excellent organizational system, so I have access to any/all billing matters as needed. She is knowledgeable about insurance contracts (both Medicaid and private insurance) and supervisory billing. I have recommended her to multiple colleagues in Colorado and other states, and I highly recommend her to any clinician for billing, HR, auditing, and consultation needs. 

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