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Behavioral/Mental Health Claims & Billing 

A billing specialist will work with your practice to make sure your Accounts Receivable functions and revenue cycle management are efficient, effective and follow all applicable guidelines, yielding maximized income and profitability.  Enlightened Solutions LLC can manage every aspect of claim submissions, posting payments, claims follow up, appeals, and everything else that falls within the scope of behavioral healthcare billing.  

These services are customizable, based on your individual Practice needs, offering the comprehensive "All In" package (fully integrated into your practice)  or the auxiliary "Third Party Billing Specialist" role (partially integrated into your practice).  Implementing an experienced billing specialist into your Practice will relieve you of the responsibility of navigating the confusing, ever-changing, yet most integral component of your Practice operations. 


Our team reports to you weekly, monthly and quarterly. Meetings and updates from your biller are available via phone, video or email.  Anything you would like more insight on is always available to you.  Schedule your consult now.

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