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Bookkeeping Support

You may find yourself overwhelmed with business bookkeeping basics.  If you need another set of eyes to monitor your basic business accounting processes, such as Quickbooks maintenance, expense categorization, monthly bank reconciliations, payroll tax account set up, contractor payments, employee onboarding for payroll- we have a specialist for that!  

Enlightened Solutions has teamed up with Magnolia Associates, to offer you a comprehensive accounting solution! 

In the intricate landscape of small business operations, the vitality of fiscal health, much like mental

health, cannot be overstated. At Enlightened Solutions, we recognize the holistic nature of prosperity,

which is why we offer a comprehensive suite of support tailored specifically for Behavioral Health



Yet, we understand that the path to success involves a mosaic of crucial elements, some of which fall

beyond our expertise. That’s where our valued partners come into play. Through diligent efforts and

careful consideration, we’ve had the privilege of acquainting ourselves with Colin Decker, CPA, the

Managing Partner of Magnolia Associates.


With great excitement, we take this moment to extend to you, his services. As a gesture of mutual

appreciation, Magnolia Associates is pleased to extend exclusive rates to our cherished Enlightened

Solutions clients who use QuickBooks for their bookkeeping needs. This collaboration presents an

opportunity to fortify your fiscal well-being. With tax season looming just beyond the horizon, the time

to act on your financial wellness blueprint is now!


Magnolia Associates will honor exclusive rates for Enlightened Solutions clients that use QuickBooks for their bookkeeping! There’s no better time than the present to take action on your financial wellness planning. The end of the year and tax season is just around the corner!


If you would like us to facilitate a meeting with Colin, click here!

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